Chirp Chirp Proclaim the Birds

“The Spirit is always hidden in the material.” Like the snow that covered the earth this week in Chicago in early spring, the birds were not fooled. They knew that even though it looks like winter; under that thick white blanket is the greening of the earth again. Chirp chirp they sang their gospel proclamation while pecking through the snow for seeds.

Jesus came to reveal that the Spirit of God, though hidden in each human being and in this world is actually alive, active, and real. His flesh and blood life in the first century experienced all there is to experience as a human. Through his teachings and miracles and healing the gospels reveal that Jesus allowed the life of God to live through him. Jesus gave his life because what was hidden had to be revealed; even death cannot destroy the Spirit.

The church around the world prepares for Holy Week. Our gift of faith will be dramatized and re-enacted. Churches will be filled with streams of people compelled to experience these ancient liturgies of darkness and light, death and new life. Something deep within us knows that we must die to live.

As you approach Holy Week again take a moment to invite God into your experience of this primordial story of our Spirit life. You and I are called to be proclaimers of this abundant life of the Spirit, the true Life within our life. Ask God to lead you to deepen in faith and trust of this Spirit life wanting to live more and more through you. Your soul is the seed shaped like God yearning to be fully expressed. Dying is part of living, what needs to die that the Spirit of love might be more and more proclaimed in you?