God is like a Kiss

Physicist Carlo Rovelli says, “Reality as science observes it today is more like a kiss than a rock.” Maybe it is just the romantic Italian heart in Rovelli or maybe he is on to a truth that is ancient and new.

Jesus’ core teaching was to “Love God with your whole heart, and mind, and soul and strength and love your neighbor as yourself. In one sentence, Jesus summed up that all reality is interaction.

Carol Rovelli helped me to see this more clearly.

Physicists study how the world works and why it works the way it does. Where once they surmised that all reality is matter, later concluded that all reality is energy, now scientists speak of reality in terms of relational fields. “The smallest particles that make up all we see are best described in terms of their relationship rather than as objects.”

For example, we look at a rock and see a thing. Carlo Rovelli looks at a rock and sees a happening. Reality is interaction; an object is a complex happening.

This is an ancient new way to view God. God is in a fluid relationship with all that is. The doctrine of the Trinity explains this long held belief.

So often we think of God as a knowable object. However, it is that very thought that keeps us from the truth. God is relational. God is a verb. Always happening. Just as you are a complex set of biological, psychological, emotional, cultural interactions; you are “happening” in every moment. God too is a complex relational being; happening within every moment in every being.

Loving God and loving our neighbor as ourselves is not to love objects that do not change, rather to be part of a dynamic interaction with being itself. God invites us to open up and welcome a dynamic presence that is happening. Loving then is not about objectifying someone rather it is about being interconnected with them.

God is happening, like a kiss, in every moment. Open to the presence of God in every moment in every being. Our interconnected life is unfolding always in the merciful, loving. always present God of our creation.


One thought on “God is like a Kiss

  1. Hi Lisa,

    What an exceptional, revealing reflection. Thanks for such a deep clear statement of faith.



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