Ahhhh Sabbatical

This morning I slept in to 8:45. A Monday morning! I woke without having heard my kids get ready for school nor my husband pattering about the house. I was lost in dreams.

I do not recall much except they were dreams about my family. In my hazy memory of it I do recall that all of my family was there…where ever there was. It was not as we are today but across time all of us were together. It was a gathering of my family in my unconscious memory of them at their prime. Some  long passed and some who I have not spoken to in years; my aunt Mary was young with her tall handsome sons around her, my grandparents less gray and and wrinkled, all my siblings and parents even my step mother and step sister. Everyone was there together and looking bright eyed, alive and happy.

When I awoke I was so disoriented like I had been someplace far away.

Dreaming is a mysterious part of the human experience. So different from the tasks and to- do lists that make up everyday living. Dreaming requires a relaxed atmosphere with an open mind and heart.

Sabbath is more of time that we mark and guard than it is a day of the week. Time to dream. Time to rest. Time to “waste” and see what comes up.

Since my last blog I have had two more encounters on this sabbatical.

I met 7 girlfriends at the Elms Hotel and Spa in Excelsior Springs outside of Kansas City.

And Chad and I returned to the Grand Canyon for a 25th anniversary visit with Kail and Becky who joined us all those years ago. Notice the first picture is of Chad and I at 20 years young! (yes he had long hair)

Enjoy the pictures!


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