Aflame with the Presence of God

The moment the fiery round edge of the sun comes into view on the horizon is always breathtaking. So bright it is difficult to gaze upon, so beautiful you don’t want to miss it.


Often in life I feel this way the moment is too full and too beautiful to take it in, and then it is gone. We experience lots of these moments. Moments when we see it; the wonder of life, the gift of it, joy is felt and love is experienced as something full and overwhelmingly real.


When I imagine Jesus living on earth and when I imagine being one of his friends; I assume it was like that all the time. With Jesus it must have felt like you were in a presence you did not want to miss a moment of.


The church celebrates Pentecost this Sunday. Fire is one of the biblical metaphors of the Spirit of God. In the story found in the Acts of the Apostles, fire came down and its divided tongues rested on each disciple. When you see an icon of Pentecost it always has little flames above the head of each disciple.


I cannot imagine these events. So dramatic and mythical I cannot really understand how it has anything to do with me.


As the story goes it is the affect of the fire that is interesting. The disciples left that upper room filled with grief and paralyzed by fear. But after the fire came, they broke out of their huddle and their reminiscing on the resurrection appearances and walked into the light of the day. They no longer looked back and they were instead living in the present moment. In church history from this biblical moment forward Christianity spread like a fire across the world.


For you and me it means that we are invited to make space for God to burn in us, bright and strong, so that we in turn live our moments full of the love of God.


All our moments matter to God who longs to be the light of our life. Pray for a deeper awareness of this life-giving Spirit within you and all around you in whom we discover that all our moments are aflame with the Presence of God.