Journeying Together

On my walk tonight the Sunset Ridge parking lot was overflowing into our parking lot. Parents and youth dressed up and moving quickly from car to school; it was graduation night for the eighth graders.

Graduations are moments in our journey when we get to take a little wider view of our lives. Parents look back on their child’s life in wonderment that so much time has passed so swiftly. And kids with eagerness think about what is ahead for them. Graduations, marriages, funerals, baptisms, new jobs, and birthdays with a zero on the end, all of them are life’s balcony moments.

Recently on retreat I enjoyed walking a beautifully constructed labyrinth. Each morning I rolled out of bed and turned on some spiritual music and walked the path. This was a new prayer form for me. I took my first step without really knowing what I was doing. But I felt drawn to walk.


A labyrinth is a prayer because it leads you to the center and back out again. There are no tricks, you do not have to remember which way you went, and it is constructed for the purpose of meditation.

I wrote in my journal, “the labyrinth has taught me to perceive the inner wholeness of my life. It has helped me to have a light attachment to the past, present and future. Watching every step helps me to pay attention to every step in my day. I have learned by walking those twists and turns that the transitions need special attentive care. It has taught me that God is looking at the big picture. So when I am in part of the journey that feels uncomfortable I can remember it may not last long. A new direction is closer than it feels”.

It is not often enough that we take a step back or a step up to the balcony and view our life from a highly reflective vantage point. The Labyrinth taught me that I can find this vision through something as simple as a walk.  One  step after another and I can see that God has an eye for the wholeness of all his people. Our past, present and future are mysteriously in his care.